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Guns on campus?

I just read an article about a student that carries a gun on a university campus. I had to ponder on this for a couple of minutes. Is this right or wrong?

Well, imagine yourself as one of the students at one of these universities. You are in class and a gunmen walks in and starts shooting. Nobody has a gun to defend themselves and the class is left to succumb to the shooters rage. How many people will the shooter kill or wound? What will he do next? Will he be caught? Nobody knows.

Now, from the other perspective. The shooter walks in and starts shooting. One student is carrying a gun for self defense. He or she pulls it out and shoots the attacker. The student either kills or wounds the attacker. This would stop the shooting spree. Makes sense to me.

Another thing. Illinois had no legislation regarding guns on campus. Virginia did. There was a ban for being able to carry guns on campus. Did this prevent the shooter from doing so? Obviously not. So do these bans really protect students or render them defenseless? Good question.

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Yesterday I got a haircut.

It was sweet.

I was working during the day and I felt like something was annoying me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I just sat at work. Annoyed. For like half the day. Then I was like, “Oh I know what it is!”. I had figured out that it was my hair. I was trying to grow my hair out, but it was just too annoying. I felt like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

So I leave work at like 3:00 and drive to University Mall. I get my haircut there for a couple of reasons. When I first moved to Orem I needed a haircut and this little Mexican Salon in the mall was the only place that I knew of (because I had seen it earlier that week while shopping). I went there and they did a good job so thats the place I go to now. It’s too risky to go out trying new haircut places when I already got a good place to cut my hair at.

I get there and there are like 243623451256234 little mexican kids runnin all over the place. Their mom was gettin a hair cut so they were running back and forth between stores and in the walking area of the mall. It was sweet. Security came and told them to knock it off. Haha. Awesome.

I was bored waiting so I started to dig through the magazines. At hair cut places they always got the crappiest magazines it seems like. Mostly hair style ones. But not recent hair styles….I’m talking hair styles from the early 90’s late 80’s. I ended up finding a Readers Digest. Why are Readers Digests so small? Remember the TV Guide? Those were small too.

My hair eventually got cut and I went back to work.

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Mexican Lobsters

Since I am pretty much the YouTube Master I figure I’ll put some videos on here for all to see. This is one of my recent favorites. Takes me back to the day when the Muppets ruled the world. The Swedish Chef is the sweetest muppet ever. Just look at the way he cooks.

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I can’t see….

So I had to go to the eye doctor today to make sure everything was ok for this clinical test shiz. They dilated my eyes and did some tests. It was sweet.

I drove back from SLC with my eyes dilated and blurry. I couldn’t see anything and I had to wear glasses. I was also texting while I was driving. And there was bad traffic. I was obviously born to drive under any condition.

Right now I’m sitting in my office with the lights off and I am wearing sunglasses and its still kinda bright.

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My first real post?

So I better actually start writing on this thing. Yesterday was pretty sweet. I woke up late and got into work at about 11:30 a.m. So I got in and started up my Facebook and checked my emails then got to work. 1 o’clock rolls around and I get a call. Well, about a week ago I signed up with this company to do some clinical trials (you know….test out medicine and stuff). It is a 3 day, 2 night deal. They give you the medicine they are testing and you sleep over in their building and they run tests on you the whole time basically. It pays like 1 grand though just for doing that. I’m all about easy money. So, they call me to go in for a screening at 3. I’m like sweet and I take off from work at 1:30. Nobody knows why I left that early.

I get to Salt Lake City (actually Murray) at 2. So I’m like “CRAP, I’m fricken a whole hour early.” So I get on State street looking for a guitar shop. I end up just driving around til 3. I go in and they do a bunch of tests on me and have me sign a bunch of papers. It takes 2.5 hours!! During this whole process they check out my heart and how it beats (I don’t know the technical terms). Well, they think that I have a heart murmur. Weird. I could care less for some reason.
I get back here at 6 and go straight to work. I worked until 11:30 p.m. then I went home. That was my day. So sweet.

Maybe I’ll write something funny next time.

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I’m still trying to decide if it is worth my time or anyone elses to have a blog…..I will decide by 12 o’ clock today…..

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