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Democrats suck……watch the vid.

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About 2 seconds ago I was meandering through my iTunes, trying to decide which illegally downloaded song would appease the inner rocker within. First I tried listening to Mark on the Bus by the Beastie Boys, but that didn’t do it for me. So I scrolled down further…….to the C’s. I saw Cake’s moving rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s hit “I Will Survive“. I decided to listen to about 30 seconds of it until it bored me. That is when I saw what I was yearning for……….CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival for all you uncultured teeny boppers). I have a couple of songs by them, but the one that stuck out the most was Fortunate Son. I double clicked.

I was immediately taken back to a montage of the Vietnam War. Flags waving in the air, soldiers dropping napalm bombs, hugging their families and kissing the ground. I remember watching a program or something of that sort that had John Foggerty talking about this song (John was part of the band). He said he hated it when people used his song as a patriotic song when actually it was an anti-war song.

This led me to think……where have all the war protest songs gone? Recording Artists today suck. Back in the day they actually felt like the war was wrong and put their heart in soul into the music. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” was commercially redone by some MTV sellouts, but other than that there hasn’t been a modern day anti-war song that stands out. Maybe it’s because they have no talent and can’t really write a non-commercialized song. I am not a big fan of war protesters, but at least they gave us good music back in the 60’s and 70’s and even 80’s.

P.S. I hate Bono. WHY does this individual think anybody in the world would care what he has to say? HE IS FROM IRELAND!!!! I mean this man does nothing more for world peace than my right thumb. He says “Africa is poor. Send them more food.” We all know they are poor you idiot. Shutup and get off my TV screen.

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pop or soda

Next person that tells me it is “soda”, not “pop”, I’m going to punch that person in the mouth without hesitating.

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April 29, 1992

Do any of you know what happened on April 29, 1992?

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the name Rodney King. He was severely beaten by LA Police when he resisted arrest following a high-speed pursuit. Anyways, that happened in March of 1991. The police involved went to trial later and were acquitted of all charges. This happened on April 29, 1992. This pretty much pissed everyone off and riots in LA ensued. The riots lasted 4 days and between 50 to 60 people lost their lives because of it. The LA weekly claimed that there were 53 people that died and provided an article with details of each death. The National Guard would eventually be brought out to help control things. Wikipedia obviously has a good entry about the whole situation.

I just thought I’d would write a little bit about this event because I’ve been listening to some Sublime lately and they got a song about it.

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I had the chance to go to Conference this weekend. It was just as good as I expected. I am a fan of watching Conference at home but you have to experience going to the Conference Center at least once in your life.
We got there pretty early Sunday morning so I had a lot of time to gaze at the lovely daughters of God and to check out the building itself. I was impressed. In fact I’m impressed with all the buildings that the Church has. Just think of all the meetinghouses, temples and other structures that the Church has built throughout the world. Aren’t they amazing?
Here are a couple of links talking about Mormon architecture and I hope you all check them out.

Latter-Day Saint Architecture by Meridian Magazine: Talks a little bit about some of the Temples the Saints have built and also about some pretty sweet meetinghouses.
Latter-Day Fortresses by Slate: Slate can be pretty critical sometimes. This is a good article even though he kinda talks about the temple being in his nightmares at the end of it.
Temple Architecture (LDS Church) by Wikipedia: Not really an article but provides lots of information including some floor plans for old Nauvoo temple!!! sweetness
www.ldschurchtemples.com: Site with Temple pics, facts, trivia, etc.

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Once upon a time there was a kid…..a Karate Kid. He had lived a life worthy of the adjective “bodacious”. He was fluent in The Crane and car waxing. GET HIM A BODY BAG!!! Anyways. Well, one day he decided to travel south to learn to play the blues. He had many adventures,but his biggest adventure was winning his friend’s soul back in a guitar duel with none other than Jack Butler. It was a duel to remember.

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I was reading Tyler Winterton’s blog and decided I need to continue my blog.

Larry Bird

This man embodied the sexy long-hairedness of the early 90’s.

So, yesterday I was browsing my iTunes looking for something good to listen to. I’ve been pretty bored with my music lately and with all the new music coming out. I started to search the undisturbed corners of my brain to find some forgotten music. That is when I remembered that a lot of missionaries in one of my mission listened to the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. So I YouTubed it.

The main song of is titled “Promentory” or something like that. Little did I know I’d find so many gems. Here is what the original sounds like. Then you got some dude bustin out all 4 parts on his acoustic guitar. And then another of a girl playing it on her violin………by ear supposedly. And last but not least a kid wailing away on his electric guitar.

Did you know………?

That Daniel Day-Lewis (main actor in Last of the Mohicans) has won 2 Academy Awards for Best Actor?

That Last of the Mohicans was originally a book written by James Fenimore Cooper?

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