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Me at work

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When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a lawyer. Lame huh?

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17 June….

….is my birthday. My mom wrote a blog post about me. Check it out.

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I’m the worst back seat driver ever.

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So one of my favorite sports writers (Bill Simmons a.k.a The Sports Guy) sometimes does a “Running Blog” of certain games. I don’t know if this is plagiarism or not, but I’m going to do the same thing this game. I hope you all enjoy it.

Pre-Game Show

Stuart Scot is running the pre-game show and is accompanied by Mike Wilbon, JB aka Jon Barry and Mr. NBA himself, Jerry West. Last game they had Bill Russell in the guest spot (West is there this game). Russell reminded me of one of those old people that you always feel awkward to be around because you never know if they are gonna same something that will offend all those in the room.

(Side note: West is the GM for the Grizzlies and he is the one that traded Gasol to the Lakers for whatever was in the Lakers’ GM’s pocket (which was a paper clip, lint, 2 nickels and a penny).)

Ok, no more blogging until the game actually starts.

David Cook sucked at singing the National Anthem, but he is still cooler than David Archuleta.

They just got done showing the little video they show before they do the starting lineups. It got me thinking. Whenever I think of The Lakers, I think of dirty, nasty and immoral. Wilt the Stilt supposedly slept with 20,000 women, Magic got AIDS from sleeping around and Kobe was charged with rape. I know that other teams are just as bad, but that is what comes to my mind. Dirty.

THIS IS CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL!!!! (I wonder how many times I’ll hear that tonight).

11:20 Celtics know how to pass. I’m lovin it.

10:55 Odom with the first foul. I wonder if Jackson is gonna whine about that.

10:18 Pau Gasol is one ugly mo fo. How come all NBA players sport the nasty, scraggly facial hair nowadays? Check out Paul Pierce and Pau Gasol for example.

9:38 Pierce seriously ran out of bounds all the way up to the 2nd Tier. I thought he was gonna pull a Ron Artest on some peeps.

7:53 Celtics are foulin and Garnett is missin lots of shots. Not a good start for the Celtics.

7:32 So I guess that the Lakers are going to get all the calls today since Fisher just got away with shoving Ray Allen out of the way on the way to get a loose ball. 2-9 Lakers.

7:19 I wonder what bizarre argument Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are going to get into tonight.

5:16 Perkins reminds me of Danny Lawson. I even think they look alike, besides the obvious skin color difference.

4:00 I almost forgot that Kobe is perfect and never commits errors or fouls. My bad.

2:36 The Celtics are scrappers. They fight for every loose ball. The Lakers do too, but they decide to go after the loose ball just a hair too late. It’s like they are hopin the Celts are just gonna let it roll out of bounds, and when they see that isn’t what is gonna happen, then they run after it.

Garnett also has nasty facial hair. And he is 0 for 5. Big Three 1 for 12.

1:00 Sam Cassell = Ugliest Person in LA right now.

End of 1st quarter. 20-20.

How did anyone get the go ahead to make another Hulk movie?

Orlando is running an ad to get season tickets with your stimulus check. I would get Celtics tickets if I lived in Boston, but I live in Utah and have to settle with the Jazz. I actually root against the Jazz in everyone of their games. I hate them and the color purple.

2nd Quarter

11:30 Odom 0 points and 3 fouls. Yes!!

10:00 Lakers are finally starting to scrap for the ball. We got 2 Bill Walton impressions already tonight. Things are lookin bad for the Celtics.

9:50 WHOA!!!! PJ Brown almost knocked Famar’s head right off his (Farmar’s) shoulders.

A 2nd Hulk AND a 2nd HellBoy??!! What is going on in Hollywood?!?! Next we are going to be seeing a Wild, Wild West 2 and a Driven 2.

8:00 Mark Jackson just commented that Kobe Bryant has played every second of this half so far. WELL HE FRICKEN BETTER!!!!!!! He isn’t getting paid millions of dollars to suck, unlike half of the NBA.

7:12 Garnett 0-7. Dangit.

6:23 Apparently we are going to start calling Traveling now. Lakers ball.

5:57 Garnett just about cracked his skull against the rim on an alley-oop play.

5:00 Garnett 1-9

3:57 Ray Allen can’t guard Kobe Bryant. He’s just too old and Bryant is too quick.

3:02 DANNY LAWSON….err….Perkins with the Slam.

1:49 Ray Allen couldn’t play any worse defense tonight. Whoever is shooting is at the peak of their shot when he is just thinking about jumping up to get a hand in their face.

:40 34-43 Lakers……TV Timeout. Someone just ate a 5 dollar bill. What if they ate 20 quarters? That’d be sweet.

End of the HALFFFFFFFFF. 37 Celtics, 43 Lakers
I am not a fan of Michael Jordan, but how can they even compare Kobe Bryant to MJ??!?! I don’t even want to get into statistics…….but seriously. He would be the closest though…..post-MJ.

I need them for my footsies. I text Jordan, Martin and Riley every time I see that commercial. I know they love it. oh… oh oh…..I just found out that Dwayne is in Chuck’s fav five. He’s so lucky.

Start of the 3rd Quarter

11:16 Rondo hurts his ankle. Crapper.
Commercial. M. Night Shamasdlfaksdfasd has a rated R movie……who cares?

8:11 Lakers crowd doesn’t hold a candle to the Celtics crowd. P.S. What would we do without the sideline reporters? Seriously.

Cuba Gooding Jr. went from winning Oscars to doing Hanes commercials. Come on now?! This man was the star of Radio!!!

5:47 Garnett with the jump hook to tie the game.
Do Lakers fans even care about who wins?

So I’m just sitting in my hotel room in Florida watching the game by myself. It’s kind of pathetic, but rad at the same time. I walked to the closest 7-11 before the game and bought some milk, oreos, potato chips and some dip. That is about the only food I’ve eaten all day. There was almost a tornado here earlier today, also. Jealous? You should be.

Does anyone not survive Japanese game shows? But really…….do people die? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

4:17 Odom with his first FG of the game. Congratulations Odom.

3:18 Boston 56, Lakers 52

This is a long blog. I will be surprised if anyone reads it.

These commentators are a bunch of clowns. haha you seriously have to hear the crap that they talk about. Talking about Nick Lachey and Alyssa Milano. WTF?

end of the 3rd Quarter!!!!!!!!!!

11:35 Vujacic or however you spell it just put the Lakers up.

11:25 Ray Allen with the three right in Odom’s grill. Once again Odom is dominating!!!!

10:08 Both teams (with the exception of Kobe) are playing like poop. They are sloppy and are missing a lot of foul shots. Making crappy passes. Taking off balance shots.

9:36 Odom with the offensive foul!!! I love this guy. What a stud.

9:00 Farmar just flopped to get the charge. I got no problem with that anymore I guess. I used to get super pissed. Now I just take it as part of the game. Next year, though, they are supposedly going to fine big time floppers. Sucks to be you GINOBLI.

8:00 I’ve officially eaten half a carton/thing of oreos and half a bag of potato chips. MMMMMm

7:59 Jeff van Gundy is crazy. He is going off about how he gets charged full price for a hair cut and he is bald. Cut your own hair then you friggen carnie!!!

6:54 Bryant got the ball up top, all alone, for about 5 seconds and then hit the three. Nobody ran out to guard him. It’s Kobe Bryant people!!! Mark Jackson makes a good point that the last time he was that open it was when he was in the gym by himself the day before. Nice comment Marcus.

5:13 Pau and Odom have decided to actually play now. Sucks for the Celtics.

4:02 Pau Gasol = Tom Green + Daniel Stern

3:22 I honestly think that Kobe Bryant believes he never fouls anyone. Seriously. He about cries every time he gets hit with a foul. I mean he about knocked over Pierce, got called for a foul, then stomped around the court yelling. He almost got hit with another T and that would’ve taken him out of the game. What a team player.

2:58 I just laughed out loud cause Gasol threw the ball at the shot clock.

1:53 Lakers just hit a three. They are up by 5. Dagnabit.

1:33 Fisher hits his first free throw. And 2nd. Give Odom the ball!!!

:38 HOW IS RAY ALLEN GOING TO GUARD KOBE 1 ON 1?!?!?!?!?! Come on Doc. Holy crap.

I farted and it stinks.

:21 Offensive foul on Garnett. Game over. LAkers are up by 6.

:6 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Odom is the fricken man. They basically give him an open shot and he gets a foul. He’s the man.

Game Over.

Well, that sucks. Celtics played like crap. Kobe played good. Odom should be wearing green cause he is so awesome. I am going to bed. Peace

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