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This sounds like a sweet idea.

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Apparently, the NFL is going to be on the lookout this next year for all those “gangbangers” and their “gang signs”. After Paul Pierce was fined f or flashin a gang sign, the NFL decided to take action. Reading the article, you’ll see that they have experts going through tape spottin these gang signs. Who are these experts? Snoop Dogg? Tupac from the grave? In fact, they should get the whole Death Row crew on this one. Or maybe even HULK HOGAN?!?! They are even looking at Mitt Romney (make sure to click the links to see these experts in action).

Below is a pic of some gang signs so you can spot them yourself.

The most used gang sign, I think, has to be the White Person’s favorite gang sign……the Deuce. Oh…you don’t know what the Deuce is? Have you ever seen a picture of any group of people between the ages of 12 to 28? If you have then you have probably seen the Deuce rearing its ugly head. Here is an example of the Deuce.

Folks, just keep an eye out for those “gangbangers” flashing their “signs”.

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We all know that this is how most celebrities think


I was reading some TIME articles this morning, while waiting to leave to Alaska, when I stumbled over this magnificent article about how celebrities are “going green”. I loved it. It perfectly reflects how I feel about celebrities and their opinions and how supposedly what they do is cool and more important than what the common person does.

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