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………in my opinion, is NOT the greatest Basketball player ever.

Mitch: Best is such a strange word when talking about best player. Because best at what? He did win 6 titles through out the 90′s and has greatly change the basketball culture. Kids today who couldn’t name five basketball players can still name Jordan, a player who played 10 years ago. I mean those guys on the Celtics teams in the past have wonthe most titles so he isn’t the best in that respect, but i think he could be the best performer and most recognized basketball player ever. So he could be best in that regard. I don’t know if he was the most dominate player, probably not, I never saw some of the big guys of the 50′s and 60′s play, but the game was different then. One example no 3 point line. But a lot can make the argue he was the most winning player against the toughest players. take a look at the top 50 players ever and how many did Jordan go through win a title. If I had to create a team right now I think he would have to be at the top of my list to win a title, speaking of players all time.Promoted, I don’t think people had to promote him to much, I know for myself i went out found him. Every time he was on tv people would flip there. Look at TV ratings of when he played, I would bet a lot of money that they are a lot higher then they are now.I miss watching him play, if he wasn’t the best player he was probably one of the most entertaining to watch.

Tyson: Well, it all depends on the criteria. I mean he didn’t win the most championships. He didn’t even come close. My boy Bill Russell won 11 championships and 8 of those he won in a row. I mean I could go over the stats and what not, but that could take me all day. Jordan played against a ton of hall of famers but these guys played in a watered down league. The old guys played in a smaller league. I mean it’s common sense……the more teams the more spread out the talent is. Then you could go on to say he is the best all around player. I would have to say that he isn’t. Oscar Robertson is. He had 181 career triple doubles while Jordan had just 30. In his first 5 seasons as a pro, Robertson averaged a triple double. Snaps! When Robertson played there was no defensive player of the year award.You might bring up the fact that Jordan played with some duds. Wrong. I think Jordan’s teammates were super super super underrated. Remember the first year that Jordan didn’t play? I’m sure you probably think that they would tank.

So, the Bulls went from 57-25 with Jordan in 1993 to 55-27 in 1994 without Jordan AND he was replaced by Myers, who played CBA ball. CBA BALL!!!!! When Russell left they went from 48-34 to 34-48; Chamberlain 60-22 to 47-35 and the list goes on with Bird, Johnson and Robertson. Point is Jordan didn’t carry the team. The guys were good that he played with. Pippen was good. Horace Grant was good. BJ Armstrong was good. Dennis Rodman was one of the league’s greatest rebounder. Come on now guys. Pippen and Grant actually had better fg% when Jordan didn’t play. You can’t say these guys were mediocre. Jordan was a ballhog and didn’t help his teammates in shooting situations like Robertson, Bird and Magic did.Jordan was a good defender when he was young and got lazy as he got older. Nuf said about that.Jordan was good, but he wasn’t as good as the media or the NBA made him out to be. He was hyped to sell tickets. He was hyped to sell Shoes and clothes and gatorade. Jordan isn’t the most athletic player either. Look at the guys that play nowadays. Kobe, Garnett and LeBron. These guys came into the league as teenagers and not only held their own but proved they were forces to be reckoned with. You can’t say Jordan is more athletic than these guys or dudes like Vince Carter. Some people even try to say he is the greatest athlete ever. Please. The man was only good at one professional sport. What about these guys that play 2 professional sports? Jim Thorpe was amazing and played like 234234. Carl Lewis did track AND field. Then you got the Babe Didricksons, the Bo Jacksons, Deion Sanders. Barry Bonds who dominated baseball (as much as I hate him), Walter Payton, Wayne Gretsky. Then guys who changed the sport like Jackie Robinson. Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest NBA player. He didn’t have good players around him and he still dominated. True he couldn’t win championships on his own but he was the closest man to doing it.

The Original TP: I agree with you Tyson, MJ was not the best of all time. For one thing it is just too hard to compare players from different eras, the game is different now than it was when Bird and Magic played. If you want to talk about truely dominant players look at George Mikan (the leage widened the key and instituted the 3 second rule to stop him) or Chamberlain (the league outlawed dunking to stop him). The league instituted the phantom foul rule to help Jordan (that is the rule that states that whenever Jordan had a fast break and an opposing player was within 5 feet of him when he dunked, it was a foul).I like your comment about the Big O. He had all those great offensive stats, but all they used to talk about was what a tough defender he was. He was also a great rebounder for 6’4.”There have been many players who should be in the discussion but I don’t think you can just hand Jordan the title because he was fun to watch and you never saw Mikan, Chamberlain, Russell, Dr J, or the Big O.

Anonymous: I am not going to try and argue whether Jordan was the GREATEST because it is impossible to compare the different eras. BUT your comment on Jordan being lazy and not playing D is stupid, just take a look at his winning jumper agaisnt the Jazz. He stole the ball from Malone and then broke the ankles of Russell and hit the winning jumper. Enough said.Jordan is by far a superior athlete incomparison to Kobe or others. Kobe plays in an era with no hand checks. Jordan got the crap beat out of him. See the Jordan rules for further information. Do more homework before bashing one of the greatest of all time.

Tyson: Anonymous,Your argument sucks. You cite one thing that Jordan did (while he did steal the ball he also pushed off of Russell while not being whistled for the foul thus showing how Jordan was favored by the refs) and say he was good at defense and not lazy. Almost every super star in the NBA right now is physically more dominating than Jordan. There is no argument there.

Anonymous: I have heard a lot of idiotic things in my life but that probably tops it. Every super star is more physically dominating… Thats insane. Do you actually watch basketball. You sound like your talking out of you a#$. Jordan wasnt a great shooter becuase he was such a dominate inside player. He could take anyone to the hole. Thus requiring physical dominance. As for pushing off your just a bitter Jazz fan. Anyways your too young to remember any Jordan games. So you wouldnt have a clue. 1987-88 Named NBA Defensive Player of the Year,1987-88 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1988-89 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1989-90 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1990-91 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1990-91 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1991-92 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1992-93 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1995-96 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 1996-97 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team, 97-98 Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team. HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES. Now whos argument sucks.

Tyson: I actually do not like the Jazz. What I do like is a sound argument. Look, just because everyone loved Michael Jordan and voted for him to be on a Defensive team doesn’t actually mean he was that dominant defensively. You really think he deserved to be on all those teams? John Stockton has the most steals of all time and was never on the NBA All-Defensive First team. Why? Because he wasn’t as popular due to playing for a small market team.

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Brannigan tagged me.

RULES: You have to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder in your pictures folder. Then give a brief description before you tag a few others.

Sweetest trip ever. This pic was from Spring/Summer of 2004. I still had not left for my mission yet so when my sisters dance group when to Disney and Universal Studios in Cali, I went with them……and so did these carnies. From left to right is my bro AJ (on mission in Las Vegas), Quinn Baker (on mission in Fiji), Tyson Pyle and Mike Earl (mission in Paraguay). I think these guys were freshmen in High School in this pic. Anyway, it was a sweet trip. Highlight of the trip was when I got a fake tatoo on my face like Mike Tyson. I ain’t taggin anyone either.

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Voting Time

I’m going to Vote. Wish me luck. I’ll probably take some pics so everyone can share in my voting experience.

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