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Thought this was funny

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Link Checks

Every single day when I get to work, or when I’m at home, I check certain sites. Every single day. It’s kinda like an OCD thing. I will be listing these sites today.

1. Facebook – I used to hit Facebook up a lot via computer, but nowadays I hit it up using my phone. Most of the time I get on Facebook when I’m in the bathroom or when I got downtime somewhere else, like at the Drs office or something. My favorite thing to do on facebook is comment on peoples statuses and pics. Why? Cause I don’t really have anything good to say anyone so commenting suits me just fine.

2. Slickdeals – Slick deals is the greatest website known to man!! It has all kinds of radical deals on there. It has deals on everything from electronics to spatulas to boomboxes to cars to vacation deals. It’s amazing. I bought a computer off of it once. I hardly use that computer though……maybe I should stop checkin this site out.

3. Whiskey Militia – Oh man. I’ve purchased many things off this website (I know my mom is gonna give me a hard time for this). It’s one of those sites that has a deal every half hour. Most of their stuff sucks, but every so often they have some sweet shoes, or a shirt, or a sweater that I can rock.

4. Brociety – This is a cousin site of whiskey militia. They sell snowboarding stuff. I don’t snowboard and I’ve never purchased anything from this site so I really don’t know why I check it out. Maybe I’ll stop.

5. Woot – They have one deal everyday and most of the time they suck. Well, they don’t suck, but I don’t ever need the item. I swear every other day they are selling a robot vacuum cleaner. Who needs a robot vacuum cleaner? Today’s deal is a MyVu Solo Plus Personal Media Viewer. They sell crap like that all the time. Once again, I’ve never purchased anything from this site.

6. Shirt.Woot – Same thing as woot, but it’s a different shirt everyday. They always suck and I never buy anything. Shirts usually go for 15 bucks. Wow, I’m starting to see a pattern here.

7. TeeFury – It’s basically the same thing as Woot.Shirt, but they have sweeter shirts. I just found this one and I’ll probably be snatching a shirt from it sometime soon. The shirts go for 9 bucks so definitely better than gay woot.shirt. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

8. Time – After I’m done checking out my retail sites, I like to get the news. I read most of the articles from time.com. I check out the politics section and read the political blogs from Swampland (you’ll have to check it out to know what I’m talking about). They have like 6 bloggers that right about politics. They are pretty good articles sometimes and I enjoy them. Most are liberal, but you have to read from both liberal and conservative to get the full picture. Stupid media.

9. Slate – Slate.com is a opinion section sort of site. I really like it and have been reading it for years. A lot of their stuff is liberal, but they will have some conservative articles every once in awhile. I read a good article the other day about a case in the Supreme Court regarding the strip search of a 13 yr old girl at school. My kids will be going to private school if this nonsense continues.

10. Digg – Digg is just a site where there are random articles that people “digg”. The more “diggs” an article gets, the farther up on the list it moves. It has articles about everything, but it also is fairly liberal. Bunch of idiots get on there and digg up articles from huffingtonpost.com (super liberal site) and also digg articles about marijuana legalization. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, but they sometimes have sweet sites about tech stuff or stupid people. Dugg for radicalness.

11. Newsweek – Basically the same articles from Time, but sometimes it’s different.

12. XKCD – A web-comic that is pretty funny. I suggest checkin it out and see what you think.

13. Toothpastefordinner – I post comics from there on my blog a lot. Those cruddy little drawings with some smart alec or sarcastic caption. My style.

That’s about it folks. I visit these sites every single time I get on the computer.

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So, last week at our soccer game I got really, really mad at this dude for checking a chick teammate of ours into the wall. I got mad at him and it ended up with me taking myself out of the game (I didn’t get thrown out). When I was younger I seemed to lose my cool a lot more. It could’ve been at any sort of social function or gathering and I would’ve found something to get riled up about. Nowadays, it seems like I only get mad when I’m playing sports. Oh, I do get mad in traffic, but only in Utah and in southern Idaho.

The funny thing is that I don’t think I used to get as mad as often when I played sports. This has only happened since I have been down here in Utah Valley. I attribute this to the awesome people that reside in this great valley. I’ve never played with more poor sports, cheap shot artists, whiners, complainers, smack talkers in my entire life. I don’t mind playing a little rough in basketball and soccer and whatnot, but the dudes down here take cheap shots at people and act like they didn’t do anything. Then I have to say “dude, what is that all about?” then they start talking crap. This is where I get confused….did not this man take a cheap shot? Is he really going to act like he did not commit such an atrocity?

One time, I was playing a soccer game. Outdoor 11 on 11 style. Anyway, so this individual on the other team and I were both running toward the ball. Like this:

Now, as you can see, we are running neck and neck. We aren’t close to the ball yet. Just running towards it. Well, this jerk decides to cut me off and put on the brakes. Like this:

I end up running into him and “fouling” him. Clearly this is a dirty play cause instead of him going for the ball he basically does the basketball equivalent of a flop. That dirty [insert bad word here]. Who flops in some no name soccer league?! Needless to say I let him break my fall. Later on in the game, he started to show off while my good friend Corbin was defending him. In my head I’m thinking “once again this is some no name soccer league” so I tell Corbin that the dude isn’t that good. I say “dude Corbin don’t worry, this guy sucks”. The dude passes the ball and says to me “you are trash” so I tell him he is a piece of poop. We start running down the field and he tries to shoulder me kinda how some cornerbacks tackle people by running into them with their shoulder. Ok so we aren’t even close to the ball and I notice this in a heartbeat. He tries to hit me with his shoulder and I use my Brazilian fighting skills to toss his dirty playin self to the ground. “Why do you do these things Tyson?” you might ask. Cause I can. That is why. I got to put people in their place. People who try to cheap shot me, or anyone for that matter, deserve to have me throw their aces to the ground.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been this mad, this often, in my whole life. Only since I’ve been down here and playing sports. Do I have little man’s syndrome? No. Do I like to play rough? Occasionally. Am I bad to the bone? Of course. Is Brad Ellis gay? Most definitely. Is Corbin Earl bald? Mostly. Does Robert Ellis pwn noobs on a regular basis? Affirmative. Are Utah Valley people super poor sports? Yes

P.S. Josiah Norm Lybbert was in attendance at this game and probably thinks I’m a dirty player because I beat his little, curly haired friend up. Please don’t think these things Norm.

Also, here is a pic of my new girlfriend Chelsea.

She’s soo hot. Don’t be jealous guys.

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Worst Blogger Ever

I am the worst blogger ever. I feel that most of the time I have nothing to write about. I have about 3 or 4 unfinished blog posts in my drafts folder because I start writing them and about 3/4 of the way into them I talk myself into thinking that nobody is gonna read or care about what I’m writing so it would be better off to keep it to myself.

So I do.

I have a canker sore on my lip. On the inside. It hurts when I eat salt.

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