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Your vs. You’re

You’re = you are
Your = Belonging to you; of you; related to you

Why do people not know the difference? I mean, I can understand what people are saying when they write “your” instead of “you’re”, but, honestly, figure this crap out. It’s not that hard. Let me explain how these two totally different, yet, similar sounding words work.

Example #1

Tyson: Hello, Robert.
Robert: Hello, Tyson.
Tyson: How are you today?
Robert: I am good. How are you?
Tyson: Great! You’re kinda gay, Rob. FYI.

I use the word “you’re” because I’m saying what Robert is and NOT saying what is his.

Now, if I were to write “Great, your kinda gay.” That would mean that I was saying Robert’s “kinda gay”, which doesn’t make any damned sense.

Maybe people just don’t know how to spell, or maybe they are trying to abbreviate the phrase “you are” by just writing “your”, but little do people know that “your” has another meaning entirely, and, in turn, look like idiots. IDIOTS.

Sometimes, we abbreviate words in conversational writing (ex. gonna, doin, whatcha, u, peeps, lol, lolz, idk, stfu, rofl, roflmao, 8===D). This is fine because all those examples I listed do not have other meanings.

Please, for the sake of my future children and grandchildren and illegitimate children, do not ruin the English language any more than it already has been ruined. Please.

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My keyboard is set on spanish because I used to have to write papers in spanish. It is annoying sometimes cause I donĀ“t know where all the characters are sometimes. Anyway.

Back to the main subject. The year of Jubilee, or as I like to say The Jubilicious year.

The year of Jubilee was “celebrated” every 50 years back in bible times. Sins and debts were forgiven, prisoners and slaves were freed, and people in general were blessed. (SIDE NOTE: When you have a list within a sentence (ex. apples, potatoes, and beans) you can put a comma after the word that precedes the “and”. That is called the oxford comma. sweet huh?)

This Year of Jubilee doesn’t really happen anymore where we live, but I decided to do it in my own life. Nobody owes me money and I don’t have any slaves (well, Robert is my love slave, but that is another story) and I don’t have any prisoners. So, I’ve decided to forgive everyone.

Now, you are probably thinking, “Tyson, that is so sweet. You are amazing in every way.” Well, duh. Just kidding. I thought about this idea one time when I was talking with my friends. Certain people always come up in the conversation and, even though I haven’t seen or talked about those certain people for years, I only say and think negative things about them.

The point of this little blog post is to say that I’m not gonna think badly or talk crap about anyone anymore. Impossible? Possibly, but I think it’s the right thing to do.

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I got a job as a tow truck driver. Everyone is gonna hate me now. Nothing new. It should help me get through school though. Thanks for the support!

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I am unemployed.

About 2 weeks ago I lost my job. I had been working for this company for 2.5 years and, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they decided to can me and about 8 other employees due to budget cuts…or something stupid like that.

I was starting to hate that job anyway so that kind of helped me get out of that situation and find something else to do for work.
This is how my firing story goes……………………………………

I got an email that day saying that I had some meeting with one of my co-workers at 3:30. So, we show up on time and our boss isn’t there. We sit around for a couple minutes then he walks in with our HR manager. Uh oh. I figure something crazy is about to happen. My boss starts off, “Guys, we’ve had some budget cuts lately and we are forced to terminate a couple of positions and we have decided to get rid of your positions so we are going to have to let you go.” I say, “You are kidding right?” Um, no. Then they have us read over what we will get for serverance and what we will do for insurance and blah blah blah. The other guy that is with me looks at me and says, “who are they going to get to do your job?” You see, I had job security cause nobody else could do my job, but they fired me anyway.

Now, I’m lookin for a job so if you know of any……let me know.

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