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Um, I was gonna write more about the mosque, but I don’t think anyone wants to hear anymore about it. So, today’s post is gonna be about something sweet. Something so, so, sweet.

I just finished reading one of the many books that I’m currently reading. It’s called “Revolutionary Characters”. Ever heard of it? Well, I bought this book awhile ago at UVU after the author came and gave a lecture. I figured out the other day that the book I have is actually signed by him. Awesome bonus!
It talks a little bit about the founding fathers and whatnot and how awesome there were. My favorite is George Washington because he is bad to the bone in every way. Talkin about George Washington reminds me of a trip I took to Lake Powell. I was sittin by my friend Brad Earl on the beach, both of us roasting to death, arguing about whether or not he is a red head or not.

Anyway, we ended up talking about if we could talk with any 3 people that have ever lived (excluding religious people Jesus, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc.) who would we talk to. I started to name some, “George Washington, ummmm…….” Brad interrupted me and said, “Dude, nobody wants to talk to George Washington. How boring would that be? What are you gonna talk about?”

Good question, Brad. Good question.

I think Brad said he would talk to Charles Barkley, Tiger Woods and Julio Iglesias (random).

So, which three people would I chat with?

1. Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons is a comical sports columnist. He writes for espn on page 2. I’ve been reading his stuff since 2001 and I even bought his book “The Book of Basketball”. He’s also done guest appearances on PTI and he has a sweet podcast.
2. George Washington
Now, the thing about George Washington is that he wasn’t much of a talker in his day. He was more of a doer. So, me and him would probably have to strap up and kill a bunch of Tories.
3. Beastie Boys
They are my favorite music group of all time. They started rapping in the mid-80s and they are still makin albums today! They are trend setters in music and they have grey hair and rap. Grey hair!

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Now, we’ve all probably heard about this so-called “Ground Zero mosque”. If you feel like you’re sick of hearing about it go ahead and skip this blog post and read about my scabs. Mmmm scabs. If you feel like you could hear a little bit more before your head explodes then read on!

So, you can probably imagine there are a couple issues that surround this mosque. First of all, this mosque is expression of freedom of religion, so why can’t it be built where they want it to be built. Second, 9/11 victim family members don’t want the mosque there. Third, some Muslims are terrorists. Fourth, most Muslim’s are not terrorists nor do they agree with terrorists. Fifth, those who oppose mosque near Ground Zero and support Qur’an book burnings and vice-versa. Sixth, what Mormons opinions should be (according to me).
What is this so called “Ground Zero mosque”? Let’s look it up! Here is the website. We got a list of the facilities. You can navigate through the rest of the site and check it out, but basically it’s a community center with a mosque included. Aka a training ground for terrorists!

Why can’t a mosque be built next to Ground Zero? Because the terrorists who flew the planes into the building and who masterminded the plan were Muslim, you dummy! This (the building of the mosque) offends all who were affected by the tragedy. I guess it’s like the equivalent of someone coming into my house, killing my family and then wanting to build a church there.
There are many Muslims in the world (around 1.5 billion). 60% live in Asia while 30% live in Middle East and Northern Africa. Here is where I got that info. So, of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, how many are responsible for the 9/11 attacks? And how many agree with what they did?
Now, it’s perfectly legal for Muslims to build close to Ground Zero (mind you it’s not on Ground Zero). I’m not questioning that, but is it “right” for them to build it there? Should we get all riled up about it? Should we protest? Who has the right to say where a Muslim can or can’t build a mosque if it’s perfectly legal? Is it even insensitive for a mosque to be built there if Muslim’s and extremist Muslim’s have completely different views on their own religion and, in turn, act totally different?
Seems to me that each religion has it’s own extremists. Most of the time, head(s) of the religion denounce said extremists, but what happens when there is no head of religion such as the case with our Muslim friends? Does each individual have to say “no, I don’t agree with what they did” for us to stop judging an entire religion on what a few people do?
To be continued….

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I just watched BYU lose and it was amazing. I hope everyone writes me hate comments.

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Second Day In A Row

Is it healthy to blog everyday? I guess I’ll find out.

The Sock/Blister Saga
Last night I was too scared to take off my sock due to the bleeding that occurs after I do so. Sooo, I slept with one sock off and one on. I woke up this morning and was like, “Well, do I try to take my sock off and risk ripping the scab off or do I ……soak it in the shower?” I ended up getting in the shower with one sock on hoping to soak it so the scab didn’t rip off when I took my sock off.
Didn’t work. I took it off after being in the shower for like 5 minutes and it still ripped off. WHY ME?!?!?! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS MISERABLE LIFE?!
I wore plaid slipper shoes today to A) be sexy and to B) avoid having the same problem. Hopefully this won’t happen again.

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Blogging Time

School has once again started for Tyson Livingston Pyle (me). I got a nice line up of classes that includes a Spanish grammar class, an Arabic class, Survey of International Terrorism and some other bologna classes like Geology and Constitutional History to Plessy. Yay.

I want to weigh in on a couple of things here. Let Muslims build a mosque at “ground zero”. Let that idiot burn the Koran (even though it’s the stupidest thing ever and could endanger many troops and even himself). That guy is an idiot, but burning a Koran isn’t against the law. Go America!

I went back to Moses Lake for the fair and ate a delicious Space Burger. Mmmm.

The other day I wrecked on a bicycle trying to jump it into a pond. Trust me, it was amazing. I jacked my tooth up and scraped up my body pretty good so that’s a plus. I think there is a video of it on facebook somewhere. Find it if you feel like laughing.
Bam! Blog post totally done.

PS I live at Old Mill with Corbin Earl, Mike Earl and Kelly Hightower. It’s in Provo and it’s super sexy. Too sexy actually.

PSS I bought some new shoes the other day and had low cut socks on. Anyway, they gave me blisters on my heels and now every time I wear shoes the blisters reopen and bleed. At the end of the day my socks are stuck to my blisters and I reopen the wound when I take my socks off. Don’t even tell me your life is tougher than mine. LOOK WHAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH!!!

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