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Slide Away

Fractured ribs. Still eatin lots of grapefruits. Is it possible to eat too many? Probably, but I doubt that’ll happen to me.

Michael Earl and I went and volunteered at the MTC this week. It’s pretty nostalgic being there and listening to the missionaries try to fight their way through a lesson using very broken Spanish and horrible teaching skills, but they are trying. I was Carlos, the inactive member who felt that the ward members didn’t know he existed.

Two sister missionaries taught me. One from Phoenix and one from Evanston, Wyoming, both going to the New York City South Mission.

One more thing, how annoying are all these BYU fans with the Jimmer idolizing? I mean, please don’t ruin a good thing people. First All-American in years and these zoobies try their hardest to make Jimmer uncool. I love Jimmer. He’s awesome (at basketball), but stupid BYUers acting like they actually like Jimmer when in reality they just think it’s funny to take things overboard, is unacceptable. Do that with Di Luigi or someone like that, but don’t do it with Jimmer and make BYU look like idiots to the rest of the nation. Thank you.

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